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set of 6 pressed glass glasses or shot glasses or tumblers, decorated with geometric patterns. It was made by the Donor's great uncle on his Father's side, Davy Drennan at Newburn Glass Works, aslo known as Lemington Glass Works. Davey worked there for many years. There is a matching decanter and stopped, 2008-5.9. They are 70mm high, 52mm diameter. , , The Newburn Glass Works was operated by a number of large companies. Between 1787 and 1837 Northumerland Glass worked there. From 1838 Joseph Lamb operated from the works. Then in 1845 or 1898 Sowerby & Co took over the presmises, Sowerby were a large glass manufacturing company from Gateshead, there is a book and trade catlogues in the library. They operated on the site until 1906 when the General Electric Company took over and ran the site until the 1950s fitting out light bulbs and tubes. Sowerby specialised in pressed glass such as this decanted and tumblers, similar examples can be seen in the book. Though this piece does not have the trademark of a peacocks head it could be a Sowerby item.



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