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Sewing Machine

Sewing Machine

Description: CWS Federation hand sewing machine with case and instruction book. Lockstitch with cylinder shuttle. , , , , Black machine on wooden base. The clothplate and arm are decorated with a floral motif in gold, blue, white and red. In the centre of the clothplate is a gold scrolled rectangle with the maker's inscription. The machine has a bobbin winder, presser foot and feed and a tension device on the arm. , , , , On the right hand side of the wooden base is a compartment with a sliding lid. Inside this compartment is a cardboard box containing spare feet and accessories, 5 spare bobbins with thread and a green packet of needles., , , , The clothplate is hinged at the back and releasing a catch near the front right allows the clothplate to lifted, revealing a recess and the mechanism. , , , , The instruction book is inside the case. It is small and green and details the function of the various attachments. , , , , Inscription: (on arm) CWS // MADE IN ENGLAND, , Inscription: (on clothplate) CWS // Federation // FAMILY // MACHINE, , Inscription: (on clothplate) 302343, , Inscription: (on needle packet) Nr 18 // 6 // Sewing // Machine // Needles // first quality // Syst. 16 x 1, , , , Maker: Federation / Cooperative Wholesale Society / CWS, , Serial number: 302343, , Date: circa 1920s., , , , Dimensions:310mm high x 510mm long x 265mm wide, , , , Condition: EXCELLENT. J.Brown, 00/10/2007., , Conservation: Cleaned by D.Sheen 00/09/2007.



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