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Mr Minpriss' Patchwork Quilts. See photocopy from The British Workman, Vol. 263, page 88, November, 1876.
Mat making
Group of ladies with quilts and rag mats in garden. Ladies are finishing off the mats. Photo taken at Rookhope in Weardale, 1920's.
Back cover of Quilts and Coverlets book in the Beamish Collections Series by Rosemary E Allan, Senior Keeper (1970-2009).
Front cover of Quilts and Coverlets book in the Beamish Collections Series by Rosemary E Allan, Senior Keeper (1970-2009).
Steel Fender
Made by William Pattison Chrisholm - blacksmith at Coxhoe colliery. The top of the fender is in the form of 5 plates, 3 of which have been designed with the true lovers knot pattern, a favourite design for quilts. It was also a symbol of everlasting love. See notes
Babies Cradle and Quilted Cover
Hoskins " patent " AD 1885. a) Baby's cot. 4 brass uprights with knobs plus upright to centre of cot and 2 pairs of crossing diagonals for additional support. Wire base suspended by links of metal from oval frame. Chains form diamond pattern, and give rocking motion. b and c) Quilts to go with. See notes
Plain quilt made by Mrs Helen Leidler of Simonside, South Shields for Margaret Leidler her daughter, not later than 1904. Quilted in strips.
Patchwork/applique quilt made by Mrs Morphet of Kirkby Stephen about 1912.
Orange and beige homespun and handwoven quilt. Probably c1860. Cat No. 40
Basket quilt.
Mrs Short
Colliery hearse. Child died young. Watching blacksmith. Wandered into colliery as a child. Woman in a wheelchair. Grandmother made her nappies from sheets. Travelling salespeople, fishwives. Quoits. Clippy mats and quilts.
Mary Ratcliffe
As a child stayed with grandparents in Beamish. Threading needles for ladies to make quilts. Singing at Beamish - faster. Grandfather's funeral. Chapels at Ushaw Moor. Sunday school. Clerical work. Missionary work. Festivals. Miner supported the chapel. Wesley guild, ladies meeting. Class leader's work. Becoming a member. Father in world war one.
G. Fairess
Sisters, grew up in Allenheads. Going to school. During world war one, worked spar picking, mother disapproved of trousers. Working in munitions, fitter who got drunk under the machines. Teaching a calf to eat. The Allendale wolf - men came to look at their dog to make sure he wasn’t responsible, a wolf had escaped from circus. Possing quilts, very heavy work. Brother killed in world war one. Village spruced up when Allendale family came to visit. Travelling to Allendale by brake. Local doctors, people insisted on giving them drinks. Home remedies. Brother disturbed swarm of bees.
Mrs Cain
Father colliery blacksmith, visiting him at work; ate with grandmother each day. School – never saw cane in use. Went to grammar school in Hartlepool, by train, scholarship. Friends, singing games, cycling to tennis club. Cinema, early cat’s whisker radio. Left school at 18 and became a Probationer Nurse – wages and hours, exams. Fewer drugs, eg nursing pneumonia patients. Poor voluntary hospital, nurses badly fed and poor but had place in a hostel. Then Midwifery course in Tynemouth – hard to find the money to do course, travel etc, no grants. Became health visitor. Ran a first aid post durin...
Quilt of pink & green Sateen. Central four leafed clover in green on pink background. Finely quilted in twist, running feather & plant. Similar in style to Allenheads quilts.
Quilt of pink & green sateen. Central four leafed clover in green on pink background. Finely quilted in twist, running feather & plait. Similar in style to Allenheads quilts
Patchwork quilt
Chintz wedding quilt. Cat No. 111 page 23 North Country Quilts & Coverlets - Multi-coloured chintzes in pieced squares. Reverse of white cotton. Elaborate fine quilting in squares following a patchwork around a central true lover's knot. Probably made as a wedding quilt by Annie Heslop.
Quilt Detail
Detail used on page 14 of `North Country Quilts and Coverlets'.
Quilt Detail
Detail of quilt used on p2-3 & 4-5 of `North Country Quilts and Coverlets'.


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