The City of Durham is steeped in history and legend. It is said that in the 9th Century AD, Monks wandered for 7 years with Saint Cuthbert's body to protect it from Viking Raids. When the country became safer, the Monks tried to return St Cuthbert's body, but found they could not move. One of the Monks recieved divine inspiration that St Cuthbert wished to be buried at 'Dunholm'.

Thanks to a young milkmaid who had lost her 'Dun Cow', the monks were able to lay St Cuthbert to rest on the site of the current Norman Cathedral, which was started in 1093.

The Cathedral and the 11th Century Castle still dominate the Durham skyline today, and have been named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The University founded in 1832 is a world class university, reputedly the third oldest university in England.

The Market Place of Durham still holds regular markets, and the surrounding streets are the main commercial area of the City.