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Anonymous on 28/5/2011 said:
I live across the road from Eston Cemetery and would walk past this church every day on the way to school. When I was little, I wrote a letter to English Heritage asking if they could do something about the state of the building. It'll be amazing to finally see it fixed up again and looking beautiful.
Beamish on 28/5/2011 said:
Thank you for the comment - you can follow the progress of the build on our website:
Anonymous on 8/11/2011 said:
Revd. G.W. Fletcher- “A really big thank you for the marvellous day that you gave us, along with the crowd from Eston. It was a day to remember! It felt like a day of Resurrection. Thank you.”
Anonymous on 8/11/2011 said:
Margaret Pallent- “Cliff Pallent, my husband, used to do odd jobs in St Helen’s e.g. painting the front door. Cliff was a joiner. I also recall he once said he saw the ghost of the monk in the Vestry when he was in the Church by himself. Cliff was in the Choir and also a Sunday School Teacher. I joined the congregation of St Helen’s when I married Cliff in 1963 until the Church closed and St George’s was opened.”
Anonymous on 8/11/2011 said:
Martin Mason- “The day was heart warming to see St Helen’s being rebuilt. I remember it as a child, going occasionally for Sunday School. I remember a dusty grassy smell from the wicker chairs. As a child I was told there was a secret passage between St Helen’s and Christ Church.”
Anonymous on 8/11/2011 said:
Alison Mason- “I went to Sunday School but never got to go up to the tower to the older class with Cliff Pallent because St George’s opened and I went there.”
Anonymous on 8/11/2011 said:
Janet Fletcher- “Congratulations to the team at Beamish. What a wonderful day we all had. It is amazing to think that St. Helen’s Church will be restored in such a beautiful setting. The moving service held on the site was something we shall remember. For your efforts to recreate such a holy place in Beamish we thank you.”
Anonymous on 8/11/2011 said:
Wallace Hadrill- “Scratchy choir seats. Smell of paraffin heater. But very special family, lovely atmosphere. My sister and I went with our Father on Sunday mornings for Communion then Evensong at Christ Church.”
Anonymous on 8/11/2011 said:
Betty Walsh- “The Table in St. George’s entrance area was given by Peggy Pringle in memory of her mother, who died on 14th November 1977. Peggy and her mother were friends of my family. I attended her funeral which was held in St Helen’s Church. It had to be opened specially for the occasion. I remember it looked very nice and clean, but it had a very damp smell, not surprising as it had not been used for several years. That was the last time I was in St. Helen’s Church.”
Anonymous on 29/3/2012 said:
My friends and I used to play in the cemetery in the 1980's, usually around the church. Even as a child I had a love and respect for Saint Helen's Church. I was absolutely heartbroken to see it damaged so carelessly. To see no one seemed to give any regard for the age and beauty.
It is heart warming to see Margret's comment, as I used to play with her son, Nigel.

Great work, Beamish. Though it is such a shame that it has had to come to this.
Reading above, the devastation to the Tudor glass... Words can not express just how much that hurts me.

Si, Formally of Teesville.
Anonymous on 1/5/2012 said:
Hello, is there a number for St Helens vicar?
Anonymous on 24/1/2013 said:
Me and my family used to go there for Sunday school, good memories.