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Group photograph of Sunderland policemen. Back row, on right is PC888 Frank Kerr (b 26/6/1886, appointed DCC 23/9/1907, served at Stockton, Hetton, Spennymoor, Murton, Birtley, Tow Law, South Moor, Catchgate, Leadgate and Wheatley Hill, retired 1/4/1937, d 30/7/1957; 2nd row from back, 4th from left is PC732 William Gascoigne MM (b 19/3/1893 at Ashington, appointed DCC 1/11/1915 3rd class constable, served at Bishop Auckland, Houghton, Moorsely, Easington lane, Hebburn, Dalringotn, Middleton St George, retired 25/5/1945, d 5/6/1948, 6th from left is PC296 Charles William Wilson (b 26/9/1888 at Stockton, appointed 4/12/1911 as 3rd class constable, served at Jarrow, Washington, Seaham Harbour, Wolsingham, Darlington, Rise Carr, retired 31/8/1939, d 20/10/1948, 7th from left is PC743 Edwin Bennett Wright MM (b 21/10; front row on left is Sgt 7 Michael Melia MC (b 8/10/1885, appointed DCC 4/2/1908, served at Darlington, River Wear, River Tees, Jarrow, Silksworth, Hebburn, Stanhope, Felling, West Hartlepool, retired 1/7/1937, d 2/12/1965).

Location: Sunderland
County: Tyne & Wear
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Photo 198 of 250
Date. c1930
Accession No. LOAN


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