Home Guard

Group photograph of members of Staley Home Guard 1940 to 1944, disbanded 11th November 1944. Taken outside Lanchester Picture House (Cinema). Ken Tyers (3rd from right middle row), Tom Tyers (centre of front row in front of Major Wood), George Heslop (3rd from right 2nd row), Oliver Rogers (1st on right 2nd row), Frank White (sitting next to Tommy on his left and in front of Jack Mowbray), Tom Gibson (4th on front row from left), George Byers (3rd on 2nd row from left), Tommy Walker (5th on 4th row from left), Ted Butterfield (6th on 4th row from the left and on T Walkers right), George Proctor (2nd from the right 3rd row and next to Ken Tyers), Capt Whale (5th from the left 2nd row with Major Wood on his left), Edie Veitch, Jack Harris, Arthur Walker, Harry Vickers.

Location: Lanchester; Satley
County: Co Durham
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Date. 1939-45
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