Horse drivers

Group photograph of Darlington Co-operative Society horse drivers, 1930. Back row: l-r: Harry Dixon (wagon lad), Harry Elliot (groceries), Alf Haire (groceries), Johnnie Cowe (milkman), Henry Dixon (milkman), Sid Smith (milkman), John Musty (milkman), Willie Walker (milkman); 2nd row: Joe Scott (groceries), Ernie Ward (groceries), Frank Shaw (groceries), George Taylor (coalman), Albert James (groceries), Ted Wake (groceries), George Thurlbeck (milkman), Douglas McQueen (milkman), Gerry Rule (coalman), Tommy Hunter (groceries), David Pearson (coalman); 3rd row: Billy Andrews (coalman), Harry Charlton (groceries), Albert Lamb (milkman), Hasrry Rushbrook (groceries), Tommy Cordwell Chey (horseman and stable foreman), Frank Bargon (milkman), Nat Gill (milkman), Arthur Soanes (coalman), ? (coalman); front row: ?, Tommy Grover (groceries), Sid Richmond, Frankie Derbyshire (Traffic Dept Clerk and later Traffic foreman), Ronnie Tickett (milkman).

Location: Darlington
County: Co Durham
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Date. 1930
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