Stacking Hay

Stacking hay at Sleepwalks Farm, near Lanchester. The hay has been brought in on a wagon (next to the stack) and a cart. Men seem to be unloading both at once. The men on the cart are Whitfield and Braggs, though it is unknown which is which. The men on the wagon are, left to right, Thomas Rippon (died January 1905), Andrew Walker and, on the ladder, Mr Walker. Along the stack-top are, left to right, Mr Hopper, Willy Bowman, Jack Craggs, Harry Hope, George Morton, Miss Hopper, Ruth Hill, M. Hopper and Harry Braggs. In the foreground is Mr Hope with a hayrake, Mr Wilson on a horse and Gilbert Craggs holding the head of a horse ridden by an unknown girl. This information comes from Mrs L. Walker, daughter of Thomas Rippon and niece of Andrew Walker. Mr Hopper on the stack was the father of Jacob Hopper of Lindisfarne and Stobbilee. Details are in the file with the original photograph.

Location: Lanchester
County: Co Durham
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Date. 1898
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