Banner :- Follonsby Lodge ( Wardley )

FOLLONSBY LODGE ( WARDLEY ) BANNER :- National Union of Mineworkers. One side shows three portraits :- J Keir Hardy, Tom Smith, Antony Joyce. The other side :- Allegorical - Over the motto " The World for the Workers " A female figure shows a group of miners standing in the shadow of dark clouds of oppression, a vista of village green contentment, entitled " The Sunshine of Liberty " . Date :- c 1947. Whole of banner border missing. Mr Anderson has had this banner 30 years ( since 1954 ) after discovering it on a rubbish tip in Marlow, Buckinghamshire. while on holiday, and recognising it for what it was collected it. , , , , Other than that he had no other information. He decide to offer it to Beamish after speaking to Louise Farmer from the Laing at Newcastle. Size :-213 cms wide x 198 cms high. A new banner took over from this one in 1960.

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