Blaydon, Gateshead and Hebburn Railway Company

Act received Royal Assent 1834. The Blaydon, Gateshead and Hebburn railway had been promoted as extension from Blaydon of Newcastle Carlisle Railway. Including illustation of a locomotive and chauldron wagons approaching a coal drop on the Tyne. Act received Royal Assent on 22nd May 1834. The Blaydon, Gateshead & Hebburn Railway had been promoted as an extension from Blaydon of the Newcastle & Carlisle Railway - which at that time had not been completed further east than Blaydon - along the south bank of the Tyne to Hebburn. The moving spirit bbehind it was John Clayton, the Town Clerk of Newcastle, who planned to link this railway up with other lines, the Stanhope and Tyne in particular, and to bring as much coal as possible down to the Tyne for shipment rather than it making its way to the Wear. Eventually most of the construction was carried out by the Newcastle & Carlisle, which in 1835 absorbed the Blaydon, Gteshead and Hebburn.

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