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Gateshead - Photos and memories of Gateshead
Mrs Coates
First memory - soldier returning from Boer War. Early memories of Irish grandparents and other relations. Lady in the street made dresses for her to wear in a procession. Playing in waste ground near the brick works, lots of bricks. Mother's funeral in 1905, died of complications after childbirth. Father a stoker at the gas yard, taking his bait in. He used to walk a lot, hard hat and fussy about his shoes. Went to live with father's sister. Huge icicles one winter. Played near glassworks, lots of glass tubes around. Coffins lined up in undertakers windows, sister read plate for grandmother th...
Mr and Mrs Vout
Father from Lowestoft, worked on the herring boats, married a Gateshead lass and settled there. Father's allotment - gentlemen gardeners. The workhouse (now Bensham hospital). Education and prospects - ages of leaving school, how this mattered. Quakers locally. Their first house (1940s). Baby born too early when wife told husband had been shipwrecked. Views on going to war. Having a baby in hospital. Sacked from first job when off with broken ankle. Worked at TVTE as a joiner upholsterer. Clark Chapman - graduated to draughtsman. Made redundant. Easy to get jobs. Unions. Mrs Vout's family - fa...
Mr Dragone
Played in a band called the Dragone for charity concerts. Grandfather came to England at the beginning of the century. Stayed with an Italian family in South Shields and helping making ice cream. Married sister of the family and moved to Newcastle then Gateshead. Grandfather served in Italian army in world war one, evacuated in world war two. Italian traditions. Racism. Marriages. Italians making use of ice cream making facilities in Newcastle. Making by hand. Horse and cart transport, stables. Ice cream parlour. Grandfather active in DIY
Sarah Edwards
Lived off Gateshead High Street in East Street. Slum clearance and re-housed at Duckham. Worked at bakery. Father a moulder. Adopted a sister. One roomed house. Outside tap, washing. Nuns Lane School, subjects. Gateshead High Street, got job making roller papers for hair perming. Tyne Bridge opening, saw the old queen. Houses on the riverside. Doll's hospital. Other families rehoused. Playing on the quoit ground. Cattle on high street. Shops. Religion. Grandfather from Scotland.
anonymous woman
School - paid a penny a week. Clothes. Brothers became mechanics like father. Sunday school and missions for the poor. House - buying paraffin for lamps. Strictness and punctuality in school. Knitting socks for soldiers, world war one. Washing. Worked in a fruiterers shop when at school and after. Working in a pub on Scotswood Road. Fish sold from door to door and method of cooking. Working at the pub. Gateshead bottle bank. Sister worked for a vets. Sorting through bottles on the quayside. A theft on Scotswood road. Poor people on quayside. Travel across the High Level bridge. Beggar Tommy o...
Rebecca Bowman
Emigration - parents went to Scotland to work. Law and order - uncle had a daughter who was murdered by Irish lodger. Shops on Gateshead high street. House - sleeping arrangements, toilet, water and lighting. Schooldays. Father worked as painter and decorator. Mother did domestic work. Left school to work at employment agency. When at school did jobs for mother. Daughter a monitor. Knitting at school. Games. Horse and cart, funeral. Sunday school trips. Church. Marriage. Mother baked bread to sell. School bell, school building. Gas lighting, open fires. Caretaker, toilets. Reading books. Saltw...
Mr Geddes
Grandfather and family moved to area from Scotland. Father was in army in India. Uncles went into steel works. Taking lunches in to relatives there, separate places set up as had been accidents. Moved to Lumley - slates for homework. Lanchester school, was not well educated because teachers only had time for middle class children. Escaping classroom. Composition competition: drew plough. Work on the farm as a teenager. Lanchester workhouse. Some local characters, beggars, farm worker who hoarded money in a chest while alive. First day down the pit, rats ate lunch. Work as a hewer. Dispute abou...
Mr and Mrs Booth
Family, means test, school. Left school to work as a clerk at wholesale grocers, then became a rep. Building, goods sold, hygiene. Training as a nurse. Midwifery. Work in the community in Sunderland and Gateshead
Opening of Tyne Bridge
Recording of the opening ceremony of Tyne Bridge, made by King George V, 10th of October 1928, and the address of welcome to the king made by V. Swinburne Esq., town clerk of Gateshead
Various extracts by miners and Co-op workers - 1) 1990 35-6 - sports and games, kites, top, marbles, pigeons, coal, chores, colliers pub. 1990 14-15, public health inspector on terrible conditions of 1930s housing in Gateshead, vermin, damp, sewage, sickness. 1982 211 on Co-op drapers and selling door to door. Workers at the grocers department of Co-op, lots of detail about types of food and their packaging. Work in the mines, very detailed on pay
Edith Thirlaway
Early jobs. Meeting husband, wedding. House in Ravensworth terrace. Deliveries and tradesmen. Garden. Hobbies. Shopping. Interior of house. Maid and her duties. Tasks of mother and other family members. Transport. Working during world war two. Modernising house. Working in Shepherds and Bainbridge's. Cullercoats fishwives deliveries. Thompson's. Red cross. Office of works. Nursery school - working day. Visit of Edward prince of Wales to Bensham. Gateshead during the war. Tattoo at Ravensworth terrace. Fire watching. Air raids, search lights. Working at theatre in general hospital.
Mr and Mrs MacNall
How they started in bank work, duties, conditions, wages, layout of the bank, dress code, security measures - at Martin's bank, Gateshead, Wall send, Bedlington
Mr Edmondson
Family and school. First job for a haulage contractor in an office, next as an apprentice in a concrete machinery company. Working conditions, types of machines. Political activities as a member of the Independent Labour Party, shop steward. John Henderson, one of the leaders of the national unemployed workers movement in Gateshead. Spanish civil war, humanitarian work done for Spanish children sent to Tyneside. Badge worn by the ILP members. Amalgamated engineering union. Plans of ILP to run a blockade on a ship to go to Spain during the civil war, eventually done by British ship owners, how ...
Mitford family sing
Music single by the "Mitford family folk group", "Gazza the Geordie from Gateshead" and "Get yourself to Beamish" - celebrating the 21st anniversary
northumbria anthology
The bonny Gateshead lass: Gateshead songs. Cushie Butterfield, Canny Aad Gateshead, The Forst Footin’ Song, The Bonny Gateshead Lass, The Coal Owner And The Pitman’s Wife, The Socialist ABC, Somebody Stole Me Bottle, In My Town, Geordie Black, Sawdust Jack, He’s Got Them On The Run, I Laugh Her Bad Temper Away The Bobby Cure, The Sunsets, Bonny Lad, Woman, Charmin’ Woman
One of a large family, childhood memories. Memories of brothers and sisters who died young, their births. Mother had hard life. Uncle friends with a rower. Father and uncle bought fruit at auction at the Bigg Market. Woolworths full of reject stock so cheap and good. Bigg Market was packed, different diversions there, stalls. Uncle Henry might get into fights. Mother died in 1922, she had done all the washing, clothes making, baking etc. Brother Eddie always eating things he shouldn’t including mealworms. Father bred songbirds, details of looking after them. Everything had to stop while father...
John Henderson
One of 14 children - another still suffers from First World War wounds, was given "light work" night shifts in Felling colliery. Another killed there; and another with family in an air raid. Describes the house in Hopper Street in detail - the partitioning of rooms, the arrangement of buckets of clean and dirty water for washing. Shared yard with two others, hard earth closet, coal house, washing area. Describes poss stick. Household chores. Slept three in a bed. Training as a cabinet maker, first piece was a bed-chair. Father made unemployed in 20s, given job cleaning brass. John cleaned fend...
Thomas Green
Streets of Gateshead as a child; describes family - tiny mother. Parents went to Newcastle market each Saturday and stopped for a drink. Brother once invited up on stage at Scala theatre. Father a glass blower, started Sunderland glassworks; Thomas also trained for this. Castle Garth clog shops. Children in rags, would beg for food at factory gates. Stole fog signals from railway yard, would make noise if you threw a brick at them. Made coppers taking old pets to the slaughterhouse. It also killed injured horses. Quoits, watching rowing, played in river. Picking up flour and yeast for people, ...
Nancy Young
Parents courting - father gave mother roses which she kept. Education, was going to be a school teacher, taken exams, but mother couldn’t afford to send her to university. Instead got a job in the Armstrong Whitworth offices, one of the first girls - three women replacing two men and still paid less. Assistant also worked in the cinema. Conditions of work. Big women working on munitions in world war one. Once shut in offices, scary because rats. Had to walk home on Armistice Day as tram drivers celebrating too. Bars near the works lined up pints for men's breakfasts, outside children begged fo...
Elizabeth Mulcahy
Early life - various houses in Gateshead, father at Clark Chapmans, relatively well off and respected. Mother tidy, did lots of baking. Buying sweets. Chores as a girl, plus copying sweeping. Mother made notebooks for children. Siblings, including sister that died young. Close to brother and sister, joined in boys games. Different schools, got pleurisy. Home remedies and mother's confinements, one in Lying in hospital. Couldn’t take scholarship because brother had one already, went to Commercial College. Clothes. Sister's funeral. Mother made lots of cakes, but still envious when collecting bo...


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