Group of workers with a bull in yard at the rear of Chester le Street Co-op Slaughterhouse, c1900. Matthew Bell in the centre with the knife.

Location: Chester le Street
County: Co Durham
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Date. 1900
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DW0313 on 6/9/2013 said:
My dad worked at the Co-op Slaughterhouse about 1960-64. Anybody out there that has any more photos or knows of the slaugherhouse back then would love to hear your stories
DW0313 on 12/8/2013 said:
OMG! A a photograph of the Slaugherhouse at Chester le Street. My dad was a slaugherman here, early to mid 1960's His name was Fred Wilkinson, he must have been about 38-40 years old at the time. Does anyone have any other photographs, or knows any other information. I only have one photograph of my dad at the slaughterhouse.